Artist Spotlight: Michelle Robinson

Michelle Robinson is one of six talented artists featured in the current exhibit. Her charcoal & pencil drawings from the Cityscape body of work will be on display through September 25, 2010.

Michelle Robinson is a native of Atlanta, Georgia who came to the west coast after falling in live with California. She loves to travel and learn about new places. As most artists would agree, she has been studying art all her life, but most formally at the University of Georgia, where she graduated with a B.S. in Education.

Her medium of choice is drawing with the familiar Bic pen, charcoal, markers and pencils. She sometimes paints and works with ink. Much of her work has depended upon the influences of a nomadic lifestyle.

The materials and methods she uses to create her works vary as she feels that the "pieces and parts" make for the most interesting aspect of her art. She reckons that makes her a folk artist of sorts, and not surprisingly ... she likes that idea.